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With more than 30,000 enrolled undergraduates, along with another 14,600 graduate and professional students, the UW can be an intimidating place. For transfer students, it is often a challenge to figure out all the ins and outs of campus life. One way to smooth the transition is by finding a home in a particular department. For two recent transfer students, the Department of History provided that welcoming space, offering hands-on support and the chance to conduct original research with guidance from faculty. Brian Tillinger transferred to the UW in the summer of 2015. According to Tillinger, "I immediately jumped into the history major, trying to take as many interesting courses as possible." He worked with Professor Charity Urbanski on his Honors in History thesis, which focused on political assemblies and the shifting power relationships between kings and aristocrats in the Merovingian kingdoms of early medieval France. According to Tillinger, "Professor Urbanski and Professor Moon-Ho Jung, who taught the last two classes in the honors sequence, were incredibly helpful in writing by far the best work I've ever done." This fall, Brian will be moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he will be working in a grade school with Teach for America. Kathe Tallmadge transferred to the UW after a year at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. "After spending a year at a small liberal arts college with about 1,000 students total, I was very nervous to enter a large university," she explained. "These apprehensions were totally dismissed after only one quarter in the history department. I found small, personal classes, helpful advisors, and endless opportunities to pursue research." During her time at the UW, Tallmadge worked with Professor Mira Green on an independent research project that delved into the reign and dining practices of the Roman emperor Nero. She successfully presented her findings at the Northwest Undergraduate Research Conference on the Ancient World. 2017 DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AWARDS CEREMONY The Department of History celebrated the recipients of almost $200,000 in departmental scholarships and prizes at its annual awards ceremony, held on May 10, 2017. Twenty-nine undergraduate and four graduate students were recognized for their research, teaching, and service. The event serves as a fitting capstone for the year, highlighting student achievement as well as support from generous donors. Dr. Frances K. Millican Fund for Undergraduate Research Projects in History: Kathe Tallmadge Bicknell Fund for Academic Travel: Cleone Abrams Filerotas Fotas Award for Study at Cardiff University: Tamara Major, Benjamin Reidy, and Olivia Zoe Scuderi Denison-Kernaghan Endowed Scholarship: Eleanor Kahn Meder-Montgomery Family Endowed Student Support Fund in History: Grazyna Rae Utterback Bryan Phillips Scholarship: Cameron Snyder Otis Pease Scholarship: Olivia Zoe Scuderi E. J. Roberts Scholarship: Griffin Hood and Hannah Steinman Faye Wilson Award: Cheyenne Huffman, Morgan Lantz, Annie Lewis, Kathryn Placer, Cameron Snyder, and Arthur Walker Schwartz Award: Olivia Corti, Zhiqin Gao, and Hannah Fumiko Russ Corkery Scholarship: Sarah Barsion and Tamara Major Sleizer Award: Cleone Abrams, Lucas Audette, Sarah Barsion, Jesse Brown, Britt Carlson, Olivia Corti, Nicole Engelhardt, Rachel Jecker, Eleanor Kahn, Jonathan Pry, Hannah Fumiko Russ, Olivia Scuderi, Kathe Tallmadge, Grazyna Rae Utterback, Alexander Van De Poel, and Arthur Walker Freedman Remak Award: Cleone Abrams and Arthur Walker Power Prize: Hannah Fumiko Russ (winner) and Gordon Shelton-Jenck (honorable mention) Power Prize for Outstanding Graduating Senior: Kelsie Haakenson and Isabel Martin Friends of History Prize for Outstanding Student Leader: Gordon Shelton-Jenck TRANSFER STUDENTS FIND A HOME IN DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY KATHE TALLMADGE PRESENTS HER WORK "EMPEROR NERO AND THE INVERSION OF SOCIAL ORDER THROUGH DINING." U N D E R G R A D U AT E AWA R D S G R A D U AT E AWA R D S Thomas M. Power Endowed Prize Fund for Excellence in History: Adrian Kane (winner) Jorge Bayona (honorable mention) Power Prize for Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Josué Estrada Burke Prize: Joshua Polansky 2017 DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AWARD RECIPIENTS 4  U N I V E R S I T Y O F W A S H I N G T O N

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