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3 2016-2017 Annual Report Highlights for 2016-2017 FALL 2016 • Redesigned the HEALWA website to increase usability and allow for easier maintenance. • Partnered with Washington State University to promote HEALWA in Eastern Washington. More information about this exciting NNLM subaward is on page 5. WINTER 2017 • Hired and welcomed Christina Pryor, MLIS as the new Assistant Director and Community Health Education Coordinator on January 17, 2017. • Held a meeting of HEALWA stakeholders on February 6, 2017 at the John L. O'Brien Building in Olympia. See Table 1: Stakeholder Meeting Attendees. SPR ING & SUMMER 2017 • Renegotiated and renewed the contract between the Washington State Department of Health and the University of Washington for another two years. • Reviewed the collection strategy. To learn more about how this change in strategy effected HEALWA resources, see the story on page 7. • July 2017 marked the 10 year anniversary of the state legislation that created HEALWA. The program has grown from the 12 inaugural professions that were a part of the initial 2007 legislation to 24 professions in 2017. FALL 2017 • As a part of the 10 year anniversary, a new HEALWA logo and branding were unveiled in late 2017. To read more about the new logo and rebranding effort, see the story below. • Exhibited at four conferences and conducted 11 outreach sessions to healthcare providers. New Look, New HEALWA Did you notice something new on the front cover of this year's annual report? HEALWA has a new look and a new brand! As a part of the 10 year anniversary of HEALWA, a new logo and tagline were developed to better represent the program to practitioners across the state. A logo can say so much about a program or service and the HEALWA logo was in need of a new concept. The 10 year milestone is an ideal time to reevaluate what a logo and brand says about an initiative. After a comprehensive design process, the new HEALWA logo and tagline gives the program a modern and clear identity as it moves forward into the future. What does the new logo and tagline really mean? • The mountain icon has been replaced with a beautiful outline of Washington State. HEALWA is a statewide program available to all registered practitioners in the 24 eligible professions. • The font used on the word HEALWA is a strong, bold font that represents stability and authority. HEALWA strives to be the provider of authoritative resources to every eligible practitioner. WELCOME TO • The new logo also makes a definitive statement about what the program is trying to accomplish. The emphasis on the word HEAL demonstrates that HEALWA has an important role to play in providing clinical and educational information resources that improve patient care outcomes. • The new tagline, The On Call Library for Washington State Practitioners will now be featured on all communications promoting HEALWA. The goal of this statement is to make it as clear as possible as to what HEALWA is and what it promises to be for its users. All of these components come together to develop one graphical element that embodies the vision of HEALWA: to be the provider of choice of current, authoritative clinical and educational information resources to every licensed healthcare practitioner, big and small, in Washington State. Working in the field would be impossible without access to professional journals. Mental Health Counselor, Asotin County

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