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FALL 2016 | NEWSLET TER January 11 - February 8, 2017 More information about the series and how to purchase tickets will be posted on in early December. You can also contact the UW Alumni Association for additional information at (206) 543-0540. The popular History Lecture Series is set to return in January 2017. Presented by the Department of History and the UW Alumni Association, the series showcases faculty members from the department speaking on topics of public interest. 2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. To commemorate that tumultuous period in history, this year's series theme will be "Worlds Turned Upside Down: Five Revolutions that Shaped Our Times." In successive lectures, UW historians will draw on their respective fields of expertise to recall the dramatic events and far-reaching effects of five major world revolutions. Richard Johnson will speak on the American Revolution, Raymond Jonas will consider the French Revolution, Glennys Young will address the Russian Revolution, Christoph Giebel will discuss the Vietnamese Revolution, and Ileana Rodriguez-Silva will speak on the Cuban Revolution. These lectures will seek broader and more nuanced understandings of the idea, the causes, and the consequences of "revolution." Along the way, they will explore the tension between the sources of revolution, which are often narrow and localized, and the impacts of revolution, which can reach around the world. WORLDS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN: FIVE REVOLUTIONS THAT SHAPED OUR TIMES history matters history matters history matters history matters history matters history matters history matters FALL 2016 | NEWSLET TER history matters FALL 2016 | NEWSLET TER history matters FALL 2016 | NEWSLET TER history matters FALL 2016 | NEWSLET TER DEAR FRIENDS OF HISTORY, Summer in Seattle is a season we all welcome. But its advent also marks the end of another academic year and the departure of yet another cohort of undergraduate and graduate students. At our June 10 convocation, we graduated 123 students with BA degrees, 5 with MAs, and 4 with PhDs. As usual, our students garnered many of UW's most prestigious awards, from the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Medal to a Bonderman Travel Fellowship to Library Research Awards. We look forward to staying in touch with our newly minted alumni as they transition into the next stage of their lives. Summer is also when many of us, faculty and graduate students, turn to research and writing on a full-time basis. Often that involves travel to archives, in my case to repositories in England and Singapore. Or, if we are in the writing phase of our projects, then summer is when we can finally focus exclusively on finishing up our books and articles. We delight in the opportunities for teaching and academic service that UW affords us, but also welcome the summer months as a time we can devote entirely to our scholarly endeavors. The department recently completed two successful faculty searches. This summer we look forward to welcoming one of our new colleagues, Dr. Laurie Marhoefer, who joins us as our German historian. The second new member of the faculty, Dr. Mark Metzler, will be arriving in 2017 as historian of Japan. Finally, a word of thanks to you all for your support during the transition into the job of department chair. I am especially grateful to my predecessor, Lynn Thomas, for her sage counsel and assistance. Without her and the splendid History staff, this process could not have been so seamless. Special thanks to Josh Apfel, Wanjiku Gitahi, Tracy Maschman Morrissey, Lori Anthony, Jessica Claycomb, Nell Gross, Jeri Park, and Stephen Scheier. Best wishes, Anand Yang (Chair, Department of History) WE DELIGHT IN THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR TEACHING AND ACADEMIC SERVICE THAT UW AFFORDS US, BUT ALSO WELCOME THE SUMMER MONTHS AS A TIME WE CAN DEVOTE ENTIRELY TO OUR SCHOLARLY ENDEAVORS. 2 0 1 7 H I S T O R Y L E C T U R E S E R I E S

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